Pub Podcasts at the Bondi Bowlo

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Have you ever though about starting your own podcast but don’t have the equipment or the skillset to record and edit your own professional episodes? Maybe you just want to give podcasting a go with mates and see if you have the potential to become the next Joe Rogan!

Well, Podspot Events allows you to do just that. Every Wednesday evening, we set up a professional podcast studio in the Bondi Bowlo. You can book a slot to come in with up to 3 mates (4 people in the booth in total), grab a beer and talk about whatever you want! Podspot Events then edits that recording into a video and audio podcast episode for you to keep, and we can even help you post it online should you choose to share it with the world!

If you don’t know what to talk about, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our conversation starters. One or two of these will give you a foundation for your podcast and you can go wherever the conversation takes you. Some fun examples include “what’s the largest animal you could beat in a fight with your bare hands”, “which conspiracy theory is most likely to be real” and “what’s one thing your parents don’t know about you”? Alternatively, some deeper conversation starters include “is AI a good thing?”, “is there a higher power?” and “what does a successful life look like to you?”. One thing’s for sure, whatever you want your podcast to be about, you won’t be stuck for conversation!

Funny and insightful podcast clips have the potential to go viral across social media, so we take highlights of your episodes and edit them into short videos for you to post wherever you want. We also understand that, in a relaxed pub environment it’s very easy to say things you don’t necessarily want to be posted online. For that reason, Podspot Events can edit out any parts of the podcast you want removed, and we will never post any of your content without your permission first.

So, if you have always wanted to start that podcast you’ve been thinking of, you want something new to do with your mates or you just want a more intimate and deeper conversation, then look no further than Pub Podcasts at the Bondi Bowlo, every Wednesday evening, with Podspot Events! This is your sign to discover the power of podcasting!

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