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Podcasting your special days allows you to capture the memories that would otherwise be missed with traditional media formats. We then edit all of the footage and recordings together to create a unique video and audio podcast for you to relive the magic of the big day and share with friends and family.

How it works

On the morning of the big day we begin by speaking to the newlyweds-to-be before the ceremony. We ask them about their earliest and favourite memories of one another, how they are feeling in the lead up and any special messages they would give their partner right now if they could. This is a beautiful way for the couple to capture the intimate moments that would otherwise be missed.

We then set up our equipment at the wedding venue so we are not in the way when proceedings begin. 

Once the ceremony is complete, we speak to your guests, friends and family and ask them for their favourite parts of the ceremony and any messages they wish to give you. This is a great way for guests to leave messages with real emotion, which is much more difficult with written guestbooks or other booth-style additions.

Finally, we set up at the reception/afterparty for guests to drop in whenever they choose to leave longer format messages, or to answer some of our themed questions that we have prepared. When the drinks are flowing and the vibes are immaculate, this is the best time to get your friends and family together for a conversation that you will never forget.

Our professional team of producers and editors then bring all of this amazing content together to create your very own wedding themed podcast, for you to keep forever!

Our Work - The Sierras

The Sierra Wedding Podcast – Intro

The Sierra Groomsmen Uncut – Intro

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